Effective strategies to prevent common lease violations in rentals.

Are you tired of dealing with lease violations? There are a couple of costly and damaging violations to your properties that can be easily prevented, and we will cover those here today.

1. Unauthorized pets. This violation can cause significant damage to your property if not kept in check. It could even lead to insurance issues, depending on the insurance that you use. 

2. Unauthorized personnel. The whole reason for screening the people on your lease is that you know who they are and what their background is, and you have personally approved them to reside there. There is a lot of potential for damage by having persons other than those stated residing at your property.

“A rule is only valid if there is some kind of penalty for violating it.”

How do you combat these kinds of violations? It comes down to best practices.

Associate fees with your lease. A rule is only valid if there is some kind of penalty for violating it. What we do is ensure that we have a schedule of fees that scale with the severity of the violation. This means that the more serious the violation, the steeper the fee.

Do you have any questions about lease violations or property management in general? If so, please feel free to reach out by phone or email, and I would be happy to help you. Remember, I am always here to be your resource for all of your property management needs.